How to learn ifrs

how to learn ifrs

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Please note that MASB does not provide any accreditation for the trainings provided.


The Financial Reporting Foundation (FRF) and the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board (MASB) have entered into an arrangement with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to provide an online learning and assessment programme to Malaysian registrants through the FRF / MASB website, at a special rate untill 2017. This arrangement would enable Malaysians a good opportunity to enable themselves to be proficient in IFRSs.

Although FRF / MASB do not provide any accreditation for this training provided, ICAEW would be issuing a certificate of assessment to all registrants who successfully complete the learning modules.

A brief summary of this IFRS learning and assessment program is as follows:-


To help you understand and implement IFRSs with confidence, ICAEW has developed a specialist learning and assessment programme.

Programme benefits

  • High quality, certificate-level programme that provides an international benchmark of excellence.

  • Practical and commercially-focused programme, developed by leading experts in international standards.
  • Flexible, interactive learning to suit all learning needs.
  • A certificate of assessment will be issued that supports your knowledge and understanding.

What will you learn?

The programme will enable you to:

    understand and apply IFRS principles, concepts and knowledge in a commercial setting,
    assess the standards’ commercial impact on business,
    make informed business decisions,
  • provide practical business advice,
    produce and interpret financial statements and information.

How will you learn?

You will receive a study text and online  learning materials in English. The assessment  is computer-based and can be attempted as  many times within the 12 month access  period. The learning materials and assessment  will give you:

  • an overview of the standards
  • illustrations
  • examples
  • practice tests
  • a certificate on successful completion

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