Which us coins contain silver

which us coins contain silver

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US Junk Silver Coins

The precious metal silver has been used in the minting of circulating coinage by the United States for a vast majority of its rich history. Though nowadays this unheard of due to the high price of silver. old circulating US silver coins can still be found and purchased by investors today. In the past coins where struck in 90, 40 and 35 percent pure silver. The coins where often combined with other filler metals to create a stronger alloy, strengthening the coins.

90% Silver Coins

Since the US Mint started producing coinage for the American people, and up until 1965, they have often used precious metals such as gold and silver to mint their coins. Some of the most popular 90 percent US Silver coins include the Morgan and Peace Dollars. the Walking liberty Half-dollar and quarter dollar and the barber coins to just name a few. Today these coins are readily available to investors seeking to take physical ownership of silver and also to coin collectors seeking to add to their collection.

40% Silver Coins

From 1965-1970 all of the Kennedy Half-Dollars were struck in 40 percent silver. Due to the fact that they contain less than half the silver purity as their older brothers, they tend to be more so collected then they are used as an investment vehicle. That being said some investors still do purchase them for their portfolio. Even though these coins were only minted for approximately 5 years, they are still readily available today

40% Silver Coins ($10 Face Value)

35% Silver Coins

During World War II, the United States Government was dedicating as much of their metal supply as possible to the war effort. To save some extra nickel, they decided to start producing the US Nickel coin with 35 percent silver 56 percent copper and the remaining 9 percent with manganese. This enabled them to use more nickel to produce military supplies and boost the war effort. These coins are referred to today as “War Nickels”  and were minted from 1942-1945. Today they have caught the attention of precious metal investors and can be bought online.

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