Raising a Credit Note

To request a credit note you should complete and submit a FIN205 Credit Note Request Form.

The completed form can be submitted by clicking the “Submit” button on the form, or by attaching it to an email and sending it to invoicerequests@contacts.bham.ac.uk. Please do not print the form and send it through the post – if you have problems using the form please contact the Invoicing Team at invoicerequests@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

All of the fields should be completed – if any required fields are left blank, you may not be able to submit the form, and the form will be returned to you.

  • The invoice details can be found on the invoice copy that you receive by email when the invoice is raised.
  • Select a reason for

    the credit note from a drop down list, and then give further details. If you do not give full details of why the credit note needs to be issued, the form will be returned to you for further information.

  • Indicate if the invoice is to be cancelled or reduced. If the invoice is to be reduced, you will need to enter the amount the invoice should be reduced by, and if applicable, which line of the invoice should be reduced.
  • Indicate if the invoice is to be reissued. If a new invoice request is to be submitted, this should be sent through the normal FIN200 invoice request process.
If you have any queries about this process please contact the Invoicing Team at invoicerequests@contacts.bham.ac.uk .

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