How to raise credit score in 6 months

how to raise credit score in 6 months

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Cap 1 CC 320/500

I also have numerous credit inquires due to roll off in Nov/11 from previous auto loan shopping

Equifax 624 6/11

TU 645 7/11

Experian 671 7/11 (off experian site)

I have learned a tremdous amount from this site, and am truly very happy i am now a part of myfico as i have now put my credit score as a priority. Never again making the financial choices i had in the past. The past is the past and i can only work from this point forward. I do realize idealy i should have a better mix of credit, and length of history, but unfortunetly this is not a present option as i can NOT

risk losing any points in my score. EX: opening new line of credit, and /or any hard inquiries.

I will be shopping for New Auto Loan at the end of the year and will need to get approved for a $25,000 loan. No option for co-signer.

I definitly will have the auto installment loan paid off in full before applying for new loan. Along with that, my plan is pay off Cap 1 account with only a $15 balance remaining, and get my Wells Fargo CC down to at least 50% paying at least another $3000 off on that card.

Any other suggestions. My (HOPEFULLY) realistic goal is to raise all credit scores to at least 660(lowest score) -700(current highest score)

I welcome any/ all advice, and TY in advance


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