What credit card gives highest limit

what credit card gives highest limit

Which credit card gives the highest credit limit?

My credit union gave me 20k. That was before I had other accounts though. I'm sure others on here have more.

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Card that gives the highest limit?


I'm hoping to obtain some information on credit card issuers, who are very generous with their credit limits -- naturally based on your credit report/score.

I recently moved to the US and my credit report is only 7 months old, and consists of an installment account, one charge card and three credit cards. Have paid all the payments on time, have maintained a zero balance on every single card (paying off the balance before the closing of cycle). Across the three credit bureau, my score ranges from 737-760.

Currently I have an American Express Platinum charge card, along with 3 other credit cards with combined credit limit of $25K:

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