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Article 30 July 2015

Internet Explorer 8, to drop or not to drop?

The question is neither novel nor straight forward but, should we still support this browser and if so, to what extent?


Article 22 July 2015

Why Did You Get Into Coding?

We polled some developers to ask them why they got into coding in the first place.


Article 12 July 2015

Brand loyalty in a fragmented world

How to maintain trust and relevancy as a business in an increasingly busy and fragmented digital landscape.


Article 3 July 2015

Does your website load as fast as it could?

Learn how Clock use performance optimisation to make our clients' websites load as fast as possible so

they gain a competitive edge.


Article 28 June 2015

Client Services

Client Services or Account Management often gets a hard time. Yes, we nurture budgets out of clients, we force super-quick approvals and we tend to ask for briefs, briefs and more briefs. So, what is it that makes us invaluable to a client and not just hard work?


Article 18 June 2015

The Girls at Clock review 'The Pool'- a new website for busy women.

A candid review of the new site from Lauren Laverne THE POOL, aimed at busy women. The girls of Clock review the site.


Article 4 June 2015

Design placements. Make yourself standout

A few hints for you young designers wanting a creative placement with us



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