How does real estate commission work

how does real estate commission work


You can attend a Live or Online Investors Forum where you will learn how you will be able to build wealth with constant training & by working with our community of real estate investors. You will also learn how you can get paid to work from home and help build our local communities, get paid to network, train and invest with top Real Estate Investors throughout the nation. It's not important what experience you have as our real estate experts will teach you in depth knowledge of how real estate investing strategies work. Within our real estate investing community, we have people with no experience just starting out to experts who have been working in the real estate field for over 20+yrs.

Surround yourself with real like minded people who want to learn from the best. Constantly learn online from your back office, at your local events . national weekly training webinars and coaching calls until you don't need us anymore. Our national team of Real Estate Investors invite you to come learn about joining the Renatus Community.

Our community has been

able to bring together top real estate investors & experts from across the nation making Renatus one of the world’s premier providers of real estate investment education. Our real estate investor training programs are designed so that anyone from any background can get started investing in real estate on a part time or full time bases. We are proud to say that we don't just teach real estate, we help create successful real estate investors.

The Live & Online training specializes in training individuals the right way to build your real estate investing & home based business while using multiple real estate investment strategies to help you build wealth. Strategies which our associates learn include:

    Where to find the best real estate deals, Tax & Legal Strategies-How to structure your real estate & home based business for each deal, asset protection and more Creative Acquisition & Exit Strategies Creative Financing, No Money/No Credit Property Acquisition Hard Money & Private Money Lending, Fix & Flips, Rehabbing Short Sales, Foreclosures, REO's, Auctions Tax Liens & Tax Deeds Wholesaling Buy & Hold - Rentals & Lease Options Seller Financed Notes Multi-Unit Properties 4-100 units and yes, there's much more,


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