Where Can I Buy Tickets Near Me?

Where Can I Buy Tickets Near Me?

POSTED: 07.29.2014


how to pick up tickets at a Ticketmaster retail location

Are you planning to pick up your tickets at a Ticketmaster retail location? Or maybe you want to pay in cash or grab a gift card quickly. Ticketmaster retail outlets have got you covered, and with over 2,500 of them in the U.S. there’s probably one right in your backyard.

How to Buy Tickets at a Ticketmaster Retail Location

So how do you find your nearest retail location so you can buy tickets? It’s simple! Just follow these steps:

    Go here to find a Ticketmaster Retail Location.
  1. Click Search Here under “Want to buy tickets at a retail outlet?”
  2. Enter where you live (your address, your city and state, or your ZIP code all work fine).
  3. You’ll get a list and map of all the outlets close to you.
    If you chose Retail Outlet Pickup and it’s the day of the event but you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, just go straight to the box office at the venue to get ’em.
  • Retail Outlet Pickup is available for US events only.
  • Ticketmaster gift cards are available at many, but not all, locations. Search for locations here. then check “Sell Ticketmaster Gift Cards” to filter the list.
  • The fan who buys the tickets is the only one who can pick them up.
  • If you want to go to a Ticketmaster retail outlet that’s really far from the venue, say you want to pick up tickets in your neighborhood for an event in another state, please contact us first to make sure you can!
  • Fast forward to the future and download the Ticketmaster App. where you can have your phone be your ticket

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