Where to buy axolotl salamander

where to buy axolotl salamander

Re: Keeping worms in fridge- the secret??

Wet newspaper (black and white, no colors!) is the trick.

Get them out of that soil they come in and rinse them off, fast.

Shred some old newspaper (I use my trusty Sludge-O-matic Blender), soak it in water, squeeze out all the excess.

Then place the worms and the damp, fluffed shredded newspaper in a ventilated Tupperware-type container and call it good.

Damp paper towels work well too, but I found the newspaper is best.


in storage depends on two factors: The age(size) of the worms, and how long they have been sitting around before you bought them.

Temperature is also key, you will find they do better in the back and bottom of the fridge, or in the crisper drawer.

Target temperature for storage is 35-38F.

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