How to get haccp certification

how to get haccp certification

HACCPCanada is a HACCP System Certifying Body (an independent & impartial national organization which evaluates retail HACCP systems). Our company has succeeded in furnishing an economical, effective and expedient Certification process for the retail food supply chain. The prerequisite criteria for procuring Certification are in accordance with industry standards. The process and implementation of a HACCP-based system is validated through the use of Field Agents and manual/digital auditing. HACCPCanada benchmarks to the standards of the World Health Organization and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as well as National and Provincial Food Safety Acts.

HACCP gap management has become critical as the awareness for food safety concerns increase throughout our country. Gaining the consumer's

confidence is top priority in the food-related industries and Certification is a means to address this appeal. Organizations that have astutely recognized the necessity in developing and maintaining HACCP principles and procedures have our commitment to assure and communicate to their clients/customers of the dedication and hard work that has been established and is being performed for protecting their health by means of Certification and our “Public Awareness Program”.

Take advantage of HACCPCanada’s consulting and implementation services to assist your company in establishing a proactive HACCP Food Safety System.

I look forward to working and supporting your endeavour to become HACCPCanada Certified.




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