How to get my birth certificate from puerto rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico Birth Certificates, where we make it easy to obtain your certified Puerto Rico Birth Certificate. Listed below are the requirements for expediting a birth certificate from Puerto Rico. If a form or letter is required of you in these steps, there will be a link to the appropriate samples or forms. Please read the instructions carefully, download each sample/form, and complete all paperwork. Once you are finished, fax all required documents to: (713) 874-1245.


1) Birth Certificate Request Form filled out and signed--must be notarized. (Click here )

2) Copy of STATE ISSUED Driver's License or I.D. also notarized. (Please make sure you enlarge and lighten the Driver's License/I.D. before faxing. If it

is not a clear copy this can hold up the processing time.)

3) Letter of Authorization, signed and notarized. (Click here )

4) Detailed letter of why you are needing the Birth Certificate so quickly. Must be signed, filled out, and notarized. (Click here )

5) Copy of Social Security Card (if available).

6) Fax to (713) 874-1245

Please make sure all documents are legible and are not too dark before faxing.

*Regular Service which is 5-7 Business Days is $122.00 total (Please add $5.00 for additional copies)

*Rush Service which is 3-4 Business Days is $157.00 total (Please add $5.00 for additional copies)

*Super Rush Service which is 2 Business Days is $190.00 total (Please add $5.00 for additional copies)


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