What is a certificate of destruction

what is a certificate of destruction


R.S. 32:702(15)

R.S. 32:706.1

R.S. 32:707E

R.S. 32:707.3


A Certificate of Destruction is a type of title issued for a water-damaged vehicle, other than an antique vehicle or a vehicle in excess of twenty thousand pounds gross weight, whose power train, computer, or electrical system has been damaged by flooding as the result of a gubernatorial declared disaster or emergency and has been declared a “total loss”.


An insurance company that acquires ownership of a vehicle must apply for a certificate of destruction within thirty days. A 60 day extension period may be granted upon approval by the Office of Motor Vehicles, not to exceed ninety days from the date of


The following must be submitted:
    Current Louisiana Certificate of Title properly assigned, if applicable. A completed vehicle application form (DPS MV1799) for the certificate of destruction. The words “Certificate of Destruction” must be written or stamped on the application and on the face of the accompanying title. A copy of the total loss settlement indicating the date of loss as well as the date of settlement. Applicable title and handling fee


Section IV Policy 2.03 Completion of Application (DPSMV 1799)

Policy 20.05 Disposal of Junk Vehicles

Policy 42.0 Certificate of Salvage Law

Policy 42.2 Out of State Titles Branded R reconstructed, Rebuilt, Reconditioned

Policy 42.4 Salvage Retention

Policy 76.0 Water Damaged Vehicles

Source: web01.dps.louisiana.gov

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