What is asta certification

what is asta certification


Murray Hill (New Providence)

Examination Date: June 6, 2015

Postmark Deadline: May 9, 2015

• For information regarding the ASTA/NJCAP or setting exam dates and sites, please contact: Leslie Webster donleswebster@optonline.net.

Certificate Program

Photo Credit: Leslie Webster

ASTACAP Examination


The Certificate Advancement Program for Strings (ASTACAP) offers eleven levels of graded curriculum and periodic performance examinations — from elementary through the standard concerto repertoire—for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Completion of each level is recognized through the awarding of an ASTA Certificate of Achievement, accompanied by examiner comments. These examinations are not competitive; they are meant to enhance and reinforce the efforts of the average student, motivating them to persevere and even excel in their instrumental studies. This program is fully compatible with both traditional

and Suzuki teaching methods.


1. Join ASTA. Go to astaweb.com for membership information. Ask your administrator to help underwrite your membership.

2. Create a tentative examination program for each student, based on what the student is likely to be playing at the time of the examination.

3. Go to astaweb.com, choose the link to the Certificate Advancement Program, and consult the repertoire listings to see which level best fits the students’ examination programs.

4. A week or two before the deadline, fill out the student registration form which can be found at astanj.com.

Sample audition content:

The following is typical audition content for the first few levels. Please see the repertoire listings at www.astaweb.com for specific key choices, requirements, and the higher examination levels.

Level Foundation

1-octave open string scale

Source: www.astanj.com

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