What is IRDA Exam? Who all are eligible for this exam?

Re: What is IRDA Exam? Who all are eligible for this exam?



it is an exam which is conducted for recruiting insurance agents in various insurance companies.Insurance Institute of India organises this exam.It is an All India examination conducted on every year for appointing the insurance agents.IRDA is an government agency it is started on the aim of saving the interest of the policy holders and providing them better safe treatement.

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Re: What is IRDA Exam? Who all are eligible for this exam?

Re: What is IRDA Exam? Who all are eligible for this exam?

Re: What is IRDA Exam? Who all are eligible for this exam?


-->>IRDA stands for the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority.The IRDA was established to regulate the growth of the Insurance sector in India and to protect the interest of the ordinary policyholders.

-->>However to make sure that the Insurance sector grows in a regulated manner, it is essential to impart the right skills and knowledge about the sector and its products to its employees – known as Agents.

-->>Such Agents should be trained on the code of conduct of the insurance sector and the skills to sell the products to the market participants- individuals or institutional investors.

To train the Agents, it becomes mandatory for the IRDA to conduct periodic examinations before giving new license or renewing an existing license. Such examinations are known as pre-recruitment examinations and are conducted by the Insurance Institute of India, on behalf of the IRDA.


-->>The IRDA exam consists only objective

type questions conducted for 100 marks and the duration of the exam is 2 hours.

-->>To qualify in the exam the candidate have to secure atleast 50% marks.

-->>The IRDA exam is conducted through online mode only.

-->>The offline mode of exam is discontinued from april 2011 onwards.

-->>The candidate need to attend the practical classes.

-->>The candidate should have a minimum age of 21 years.



The minimum educational qualification required to write the IRDA examination is to pass in the Class 12th examination from any recognized university.


The syllabus is divided into two parts .They are



Introduction to Insurance, Principles of General Insurance, Insurance Documents, Theory and Practice of Rating, Legislative and Regulatory Matters, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Motor Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Health Insurance, Liability Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance-I and II, Claims, Rural Insurances, Government Schemes For Social Sector, Risk Management, Personal Development, Behavioral Aspects, Fundamentals of Agency Law, Procedure For Becoming An Agent, Functions Of The Agent, Salesmanship and Organization.


Introduction to Insurance, Fundamentals of Agency Law, Legislative And Regulatory Matters, Procedure For Becoming an Agent, Functions Of The Agent, Organization, Fundamental Principles Of Life Insurance, Financial Planning and Taxation, Insurance Salesmanship, Computation Of Premiums/Bonuses, Insurance Documents, Life Insurance Products, Agency Commission Structure. Claims, Insurance In The Rural / Social Sectors, Group Insurance & Pension Plans, Options, Guarantees & Riders etc.

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