what is p o s t certification

Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Certification will be required for all correctional officers. WDOC will provide the training for certification. P.O.S.T. certification has four levels: Temporary Basic, Basic, Advanced and Professional. New employees will start with a Temporary Basic certification. Once they complete the Training Academy and demonstrate core competencies, they will receive Basic certification. Additional certification will be awarded based on experience and additional training/education.


P.O.S.T. certification is based upon training and experience. The criterion for each level is outlined below.

  1. Basic:
    1. Successfully complete Basic Training Academy or Mini Basic
    2. Demonstrate trained competencies
    3. Must complete within one year of hire
  2. Advanced:
    1. Successfully complete 20 hours of training, PLUS
    2. One additional year of experience as a Correctional Officer
    3. Must complete within two years of receiving Basic certification
  3. Professional:
    1. Successfully complete 40 hours of training, PLUS
    2. Three additional years

      of experience

      1. Related Associates Degree reduces experience to two years
      2. Related Bachelors Degree reduces experience to one year
    3. Must complete within three years of receiving Advanced certification


For experienced Correctional Officers, POST will consider your experience and training when determining the appropriate level of certification. You must provide the following documentation :

  1. Certificate of completion of a Correctional Officer Basic Training course.
  2. Copy of your training records
  3. Proof of current CPR certification

Candidates currently working in corrections or those who have previously been employed as a correctional officer with at least five years of work experience will be required to complete a two-week Mini-Basic training academy, successfully pass a written challenge exam and demonstrate the trained competencies. If you have been unemployed as a correctional officer for more than five (5) years, you will be required to complete the full Training Academy.


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