What is self signed certificate

what is self signed certificate

I accidentally deleted the VMM self-signed certificate from the VMM server. Now what do I do?

Hey there again! This is Vladimir from the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) team and today I have a really quick tip for you all that I found out myself recently working on an issue.

The issue is basically: “Hey, so I accidentally deleted the VMM self-signed certificate from the VMM server, and I cannot deploy VMs from the VM templates now. What do I do?”

Here is the quick solution:

1. Launch the VMM PowerShell on the Virtual Machine Manager server.

2. Type the following and press enter:

$credential = get-credential

3. Type the username and password that is a local admin on the VMM server.

4. Type the following and press enter:

Get-VMMManagedComputer -ComputerName "vmm2012sp1.contoso.com" |

Register-SCVMMManagedComputer  -Credential $credential

5. Ensure that the VMM job completes successfully under the Jobs tab in the VMM console.

Note: In my example above, vmm2012.contoso.com is the FQDN of the VMM server.

You can also use this technique to generate the VMM certificates for the hosts that VMM manages in cases where the expired/out-of-sync VMM certificate might be causing the issue (for example VMM jobs that fail with error 0x80072f0d).

I hope this helps!

Vladimir Petrosyan | Support Escalation Engineer | Microsoft GBS Management and Security Division

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