What is the purpose of medicare

what is the purpose of medicare


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Social Security Act Amendments (1965)


To provide a hospital insurance program for the aged under the Social Security Act with a supplementary medical benefits program and an extended program of medical assistance, to increase benefits under the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance System, to improve the Federal-State public assistance programs, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act, with the following table of contents, may be cited as the "Social Security Amendments of 1965".



PART I—HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS FOR THE AGED SEC. 101. Entitlement to hospital Insurance benefits. SEC. 102. Hospital insurance benefits and supplementary medical Insurance benefits.

TITLE XVIII—HEALTH INSURANCE FOR THE AGED SEC. 1801. Prohibition against any Federal interference. SEC. 1802. Free choice by patient guaranteed. SEC. 1808. Option to Individuals to obtain other health insurance protection.

PART A—HOSPITAL INSURANCE BENEFITS FOR THE AGED SEC. 1811. Description of program. SEC. 1812. Scope

of benefits. SEC. 1818. Deductibles and coinsurance. SEC. 1814. Conditions of and limitations on payment for services. (a) Requirement of requests and certifications. (b) Reasonable cost of services. (c) No payments to Federal providers of services. (d) Payments for emergency hospital services. (e) Payment for Inpatient hospital services prior to notification of noneligibility. (f) Payment for certain emergency hospital services furnished outside the United States. SEC. 1815. Payment to providers of services SEC. 1816. Use of public agencies or private organizations to facilitate payment to providers of services. SEC. 1817. Federal hospital insurance trust fund.

PARTT B—SUPPLEMENTARY MEDICAL INSURANCE BENEFITS FOR THE AGED SEC. 100. This title may be cited as the "Health Insurance for the Aged Act".

Sounded reasonable at the time. But, 40 years of Democrat Control of Congress turned this program into a nightmare. NOW THE VERY PEOPLE, 65 AND OLDER ARE THE ONES TO BE DENIED CARE. Beware of Dumocrats bearing gifts.

I have had to use a very short version. Please read and see for yourselves how bad this system will get. Dems never stop at just one simple bene.

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