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GreatPlains Finance, LLC does business as Cash Advance Now. GreatPlains Finance, LLC is a Native American owned business created by and for the Ft. Belknap Indian community, a Sovereign American Indian tribe. Our business is operated on the Ft. Belknap Reservation located in Montana. GreatPlains Finance, LLC is an instrumentality and limited liability company which abides by all applicable federal laws and regulations as established by the Fort Belknap Indian Tribe of Montana. 1 Maximum loan amount is $400 for first-time loan customers.Please note: This is an expensive form of borrowing. Cash Advance Now loans are designed to assist you in meeting your short-term borrowing needs and are not intended to be

a long term financial solution. Examples of emergency reasons why these loans might be used include unexpected emergencies, car repair bills, medical care, or essential travel expenses.** Cash Advance Now does not directly utilize Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion to perform credit checks as part of our pre-approval process. We do verify applicant information through national databases including, but not limited to, Clarity, Factor Trust, and CLVerify.GreatPlains Finance, LLC does not lend in all States.


***For underwriting and verification purposes only. We always obtain prior or separate customer authorization when trying to obtain additional consumer bank account information as a potential payment option.

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