phone number for payday loan yes

You actually RECEIVED a loan from this place?!

How long did it take.

They told me I was approved last thurs. & the money would

be in my bank the next day(friday). It's now the following

Mon. - still nothing. I can never get a live person, or any

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give any of your personal information to these people. Here is the email I received from the company. When I called, it took nearly an hour for customer service to get on. When I told the lady I spoke with that I never had a loan through their business she asked for my name and SSN# so she could look me up and take my information out of the system. Seriously? I am not stuck on stupid. When I told her no and asked for someone who could take my email address off their site,

she asked again and when I told her NO AGAIN, she hung up on me.

Thank you for your application. Your request for a loan was carefully considered, and we regret that we were unable to approve your application at this time for the following reason(s):

Duplicate application on file with the same social security number.

Please note: You may still be eligible for a loan under your primary loan application. All that is required is to fax in your supporting documentation for verification.

If you should have concerns please contact [email protected]

For any other issues please contact customer service directly at 800-550-6051 ext 779.

As always you can get to your account at https://www.payday-loan-yes.com/login.asp to see the most recent status.

Again thank you for your application at https://www.payday-loan-yes.com and we hope to always service your financial needs.


John R. Bender

Customer Service Supervisor

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