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Just because a voice on the telephone claims you owe a debt does not mean you owe it

If a voice on the telephone claims you owe a debt:

1.    Demand the person give you his or her name, company name, and address

2.     Demand a debt validation letter by US mail.  E-mail no good.

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437 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY 14202


BBB has seen a major increase in collection agencies setting up businesses in the Upstate New York area over the past several years.  In an effort to keep consumers informed about which collection agencies are operating in accordance with Federal Law,  we are asking for specific information from all collection agencies operating in our service area.  The requests includes the following:

Federal Employee Identification Number-EIN

Proof Of Licensing, bonding and or registration by

the city, town in which your business is located.

Proof of licensing required by any state in which you operate by mail or telephone or email.

This collection agency has not responded to our requests.

BBB advises consumers to be aware of their legal rights in regard to collections.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a statue enacted in 1978 which seeks to eliminate abusive and harassing behavior by any debt or collection agency.  The act states specific practices and rules under which debt collectors must abide by.  There are penalties for agencies found breaking these laws.  Some of these laws state that a collection agency is forbidden to harass a debtor, which includes threatening violence or legal action.  They may not use crude or offensive language or identify themselves as anyone other than by their business name.  If a consumer believes a debt or collection agency has violated any of the FDCPA laws the BBB encourages them to file complaints with the BBB at bbb.org and Federal Trade Commission at ftc.gov.

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