Micro credit program

micro credit program

What is the gaNEW Microcredit Program?

Women are the real architects of society.

—Harriet Beecher Stowe

Our gaNEW Microcredit Program offers women living at or below the poverty level the opportunity to advance their lives and the lives of their families by gradually building their own small businesses. These businesses begin modestly and are financed through small loans known as microcredit loans. The loans are administered and managed by a financial institution that handles the education, business training and community building which are all integral to a successful microfinance process.

Statistically, the repayment rate among women is extremely high, which is why some of the most prominent microcredit program extend loans either to a majority of women borrowers or to women borrowers, exclusively.


The gaNEW Microcredit Program enables you to directly affect the life of a woman living at or below poverty level through your Key Membership participation. Your

membership contributes “One Seed,” or one microcredit contribution; and One Seed helps one woman improve her life by starting her own business.

One Seed grows into one tree: a new business and a new future for a woman currently living at or below poverty level.


Our Microcredit Program is currently aimed at women-in-need in Haiti. These women are currently struggling to live on less than $1 US a day.

Our contributions provide the essential means for these strong women to build a sustainable business after decades of dire economic need and many months of devastation following the massive earthquake of 2010.  For more information please click here (Make a contribution ) or you can make a contribution on this page.

(Future gaNEW microcredit programs will address the needs of our sisters in Senegal, West Africa, and Uganda and Kenya, East Africa.)

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