how do i get a business license in florida

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If you sole proprietorship will be using a fictitious name (not using your own name) an application for use of a fictitious name must be filed for which you will receive a certificate you may present to others:

The Florida Department of State Division of Corporations website is linked below:

According to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, "interior decorating of residences" Does Not Require a License:

"Interior decorating of residences, so long as the interior decorator does not use the term “interior designer” to either describe the work they

perform or use the term “interior designer” in any form of advertisement."

Following is the direct link to the Florida DBPR website:

The Citizen Media Law Project website provides significant detail on becoming a sole proprietorship in Florida. The public domain direct link is provided below:

In some Florida counties the County Clerk registers businesses in the county. The Walton County Clerk's website has no indication that businesses need to register in that county, however, I am providing direct contact information for the County Clerk's office in the event you would like to confirm that no direct filing of your sole proprietorship business is required by the county:

I hope this is responsive to your question. If you would like further clarification, please let me know.


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