How do you e file taxes

how do you e file taxes


Some links may take you to the IRS web site as the company requires you to go to their online filing only through to receive their free offer. If this is the case, at the IRS web site click on the company name. This will take you to a page letting you know you are leaving the IRS web site. Click on the “Leave IRS site” button.


- Do not go directly to a company's web site if you plan to use the free service.

- You are under no obligation to buy any additional services from the company to receive free filing

- The Vermont Department of Taxes does not endorse a particular company

- The IRS does not

endorse Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs) or any other advance refund banking products

- Your tax information and data will be protected:

1. Tax return preparation is accomplished using proprietary software approved by the IRS; transmittal is through the established IRS e-file system and to Vermont.

2. Each company must attain a third party privacy and security certification.

3. Alliance companies must comply with all federal rules and regulations on taxpayer privacy for paying and free customers. These rules prohibit use of tax return data for purposes not specifically authorized by the taxpayer.

4. The IRS monitors the progress of each of the companies. If any problems develop, the companies are required to alert the IRS. If appropriate, the IRS will remove the company from the site until the problem is resolved.


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