Decorate with Spruce Tips

Spruce Tips

Updating your doorstep and deck pots with Spruce Tips is easy.

What are Spruce Tips?

Spruce tips are fresh black or white spruce that have been harvested in the North woods of Minnesota. They are found naturally in swamps and bogs and are sold in a number of different sizes.

How to convert your annual pots into Spruce Tip wonders!

Winter decorating can be fun and easy and can transform your planters and window boxes into wonderful seasonal displays.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Pull out all your summer or fall annuals.
  2. Add extra soil to top off your planters. Leave the soil about 2" below the top of the planter.
  3. Choose the size tips you need.

    It's a good idea to buy some tall or jumbo tips as well as smaller ones for variety.

  4. Arrange the tips so a taller tip is in the middle and smaller ones are around the edge. This will create a pyramidal tree-like shape. You may have to prune and cut them as needed for shape. As a general rule, for a 12" pot, you will need 7-9 spruce tips.

You can also add lots of other greens to your pots, planters, and window boxes to personalize them. You're only limited by your imagination.

Other accents you can add:

Spruce tips will last long and there is no need to water them. They should be discarded and composted in the spring.


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