What are irs exemptions

what are irs exemptions

How many exemptions did your parents claim?

This is question 87 on the paper FAFSA.

If your parent uses the IRS Data Retrieval Tool and transfers his / her information from the IRS into your FAFSA, the answer to this question will be pre-filled and identified as "Transferred from the IRS."

This question cannot be left blank if your parents filed or will file a 2013 income tax return.

If your parents filed:

IRS Form 1040 – Use Line: 6d.

IRS Form 1040A – Use Line: 6d.

IRS Form 1040EZ, and didn't check either box on line 5, enter 01 if they are not married, or 02 if they

are married.

IRS Form 1040EZ, and checked either the "you" or "spouse" box on line 5, use 1040EZ worksheet line F to determine the number of exemptions ($3,900 equals one exemption).

If your parents are married or unmarried and both parents living together, but filed or will file separate tax returns for 2013. add both parents' exemptions.

If your parent who is providing financial information on this application is never married, divorced, separated, or widowed. only enter the exemptions for that parent, even if he or she filed a joint tax return for 2013.

Note: The line numbers above are from the IRS tax form, not from the W-2 form.

Source: fafsa.ed.gov

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